June 19, 2024

Topeka, KS, May 29, 2024 (USANews.com) – Topeka Restaurant Month is set to celebrate the city’s vibrant dining scene this July, and organizers are now inviting locally-owned restaurants and potential sponsors to register. Stonecraft Media, the driving force behind this initiative, aims to spotlight Topeka’s diverse culinary offerings and strengthen community ties.

Participation Benefits for Restaurants and Sponsors
Locally-owned restaurants can join the event at no cost, providing a prime opportunity to showcase their unique culinary creations to both residents and visitors. The month-long event promises heightened exposure and deeper community engagement for all participating restaurants.

Sponsors can choose from a range of sponsorship tiers, each offering extensive branding opportunities across various event materials and digital platforms. This allows businesses to connect with a broader audience and demonstrate their support for the local community.

Exciting Sweepstakes and Charitable Contributions
A standout feature of Topeka Restaurant Month is the sweepstakes, which promises exciting prizes designed to boost guest check-ins and engagement. For every 10,000 check-ins, 10% of net sponsorship proceeds after expenses will be donated to a local nonprofit (up to 50%), ensuring that the event not only celebrates Topeka’s culinary scene but also makes a meaningful contribution to the community.

Quotes from the Organizer
“This initiative provides a fantastic platform for our local restaurants to shine and for the community to come together in celebration of Topeka’s diverse culinary heritage, while also supporting a local nonprofit through our collective efforts,” said Chris Stone, Founder and Director of Stonecraft Media.

How to Get Involved
For registration details or to explore sponsorship opportunities, please visit www.topekarestaurantmonth.com.

Contact Information
Chris Stone
Founder & Director, Stonecraft Media
Organizer, Topeka Restaurant Month
[email protected]

About Topeka Restaurant Month
Organized by Stonecraft Media, Topeka Restaurant Month is a campaign dedicated to promoting local culinary talents and fostering community spirit through a variety of activities and promotions. Throughout July, residents and visitors are encouraged to explore Topeka’s rich culinary landscape, with participating restaurants highlighting their signature dishes. The event also features a sweepstakes with weekly and grand prize drawings, along with opportunities for community members to support a local nonprofit through their dining choices.